What Our Clients Say

Here's what our customers have to say about Car Repair Service

Looked these guys up on google and they were great. I needed a fast fix because I was going away for the weekend and they not only got the engine started with their diagnostic machine but also sorted out the poor tick over that it had. Something about adjusting something or whatever. Anyway, good service and at a good price.

I was leaving work when my vehicle wouldn’t start, so I’d called them. It’d turned out that the battery had needed replacing. I remember that they were not the most expensive either, so thanks to M.V.R.S for helping me out. Oh, they also took mobile payments which made my life much easier, so another bonus point from me for that.

My BMW Z3 had idle issues and I had no idea what could have been wrong. James came out and charged me half price because I’m a senior citizen. He fixed the car within an hour as well which had been surprising. All in all though the service was great, his professionalism was noted and just how clean his working method was too. A great guy working for a great company.