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May 2024

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Engine Repairs

Engine Repairs

From small engines to large engines, here at MVRS we can take on all types of engine repairs. Whether its a damaged injector that needs replacing on a Mercedes Sprinter or a much more involved job of say honing the cylinders and supplying new piston rings for an Audi Q5. Whatever it is we can do it. No matter the type of engine either. Petrol, gasoline, an engine thats been converted to an LPG; it makes no difference. We can find out the prices for the parts from our local parts suppliers and make the necessary plans with you for the work to be done quickly and efficiently so as to get you back on the road mobile again.

Quality Customer Care With Dependable Service

Below is a general list of services you’ll find at M.V.R.S, but if you cant see the job that you need doing in our list, please give us a call and ask us as I’m sure we can do it.

  • Computer Programming for most Vehicles
  • Preventive maintenance services
  • Brake services
  • Engine tune-up services
  • Cooling system services
  • Computer diagnostic services
  • Engine and transmission services
  • Exhaust and suspension services
  • Electrical system services
  • Climate control services
  • Oil and filter service
  • Inspection services and much more.

Look After Your Car

Your engine is made up from multiple moving parts which are manufactured from various different kinds of materials that are all joined together. Every component used in your engine has its limitations though. The cylinder heads at the top of an engine are mostly made from aluminum and the block which houses the crank and bearings beneath is usually made from steel. Metal expands with heat and the gaskets like the head gasket called an MLS multi layer steel gasket are usually highly resistant to deforming only, and when leaks do happen big bills can come from it. The plastic parts where coolant water usually flows within gets brittle and the bearings around the engine like in the alternators or water pumps or A/c compressors and fans wear out and the valve stem seals in the cylinder heads grow hard so they cant prevent the oil from passing through them any longer. Basically engines are far from indestructible and you take it for granted that yours wont ever break down either. If you don’t regularly service it huge bills can arise from the negligence, or and if the bills are too much to pay for an engine rebuild and outweigh the cost of the vehicle, another headache can arise. You might have to seek out a replacement vehicle. Something that you want to avoid as the new car may be in even worse shape mechanically than the old.

Here at M.V.R.S we can book you in and come out to you whether it be your home or place of work, and whilst there carry out a service to keep your vehicle in good health and on the road. Interested, then click the green phone icon you can see and give us a call. Make that booking happen.