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May 2024

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Auto Electrics

Auto Electrics

Here at M.V.R.S we specialize in auto electrics, so if your vehicle is suffering from weird electrical issues; trust in us. The dedicated experts at M.V.R.S are equipped to deal with it. We have a wealth of experience in fault finding electrical circuits. We also have access to every wiring diagram for every car which makes things a lot less difficult to solve.

So if the lights are going dim, or somethings not working. The fuses are blowing. Windows are not going up or down properly or the central locking is unresponsive, etc. etc. then give us a call.

Our Auto Electrical Repair and Maintenance Services Cover

  1. Batteries/Alternators
  2. Starter Motors
  3. Sensors
  4. Radio Systems
  5. Electronic Steering
  6. Lights
  7. Locking system
  8. Fuses and Relays
  9. Wiring
  10. Wipers
  11. Horns
  12. Blowers and Motors
  13. Computer Modules



Car batteries provide electrical energy to power your vehicles entire electrical system. The heater motors, Door locks, Exterior and Interior Lights, Computer Modules, Sensors, Wipers and Horns, Radiator Fans, Alarm, Radio, etc. etc. Anything which requires an electrical current to power it. So the importance of having a good battery is critical. They don’t last forever either and since the introduction of maintenance free sealed batteries, its not as easy as it might have been to keep them in good condition. Then for Alternators, the unit which keeps your battery full of electrical power as the engines running, they too can have their own faults. Internal diodes can fail so they send out A/c power instead of DC, internal windings failing. Bushes wearing out. Bearings breaking down or external pulleys falling to pieces. Whatever the reason, when they do go wrong your vehicle wont last long before all the electronics will fail. 

Here at M.V.R.S we offer Battery testing, Battery Replacement, Alternators, Alternator testing, Charging, Installation, and Recycling. We handle it all. So if you are concerned about the current state of health for your vehicle battery and want to avoid a breakdown this winter, contact us for a quote on having it tested.


Starter motors consume the most current of all the vehicles electrical systems. They are tasked with cranking your engine over whenever you turn the ignition key to start. They have to be very powerful so that as they are turning your engine they can overcome the compression of the pistons as they reach the highest point of their cycle before falling back down again. The cycle the pistons take as they operate within the engine. Up down up down and so on. The starter motor is a rugged unit. Able to stand the harshness of its job. Big thick internal windings of copper to allow high amperage current to be able to flow through and drive the motor. When they go wrong it can be for varying reasons. Things like loose electrical connections to it. Internal wiring fault. Solenoid which is attached to the side breaking. Drive gear which connects to the flywheel of the vehicle loosing one or more interconnecting teeth.

If you are experiencing your vehicle not starting and when you turn the key there’s just a click, or maybe even a grinding noise. Maybe its time for a new starter motor to be fitted. Give us a call. We can quote you on having it replaced. 


Electrical System Servicing Is Just As Important As Having The Mechanics of Your Vehicle Looked At

Numerous red flags designate the necessity for servicing your vehicle’s electrical system. If you try to start your car and you hear crushing, snapping, or no sound at all, it’s time to call a technician and plan an appointment. The regular car battery lasts between three and six years, therefore you should swap your car’s battery after four years to be on the safe side. Another indicator of a electrical system issue looming is if your vehicle’s headlights darken as you drive at low speeds. Your alternator maybe on the way out and need changing.

Here Are a Few Tips To Help You Uphold Your Vehicles Electrical System

At all times keep your battery terminals tight and clean of corrosion. Loose terminals can be very dangerous and cause the cars lights to suddenly fail and the engine to switch off without warning. 

Then another tip is to sporadically check your engine bay for any rodent activity. They like to chew wires and in doing so to eat the insulation which is covering them. If you want to keep them away from your vehicle, something we’ve found which works well is a product called Cillit Bang. Limescale remover. If you spray this on the very top of the suspension unit which you can see in the engine bay poking through on either side, the clinical smell of it keeps them away from coming into your engine bay. You can also look up alternative solutions on YouTube too. Peppermint is another option people speak about which in theory sounds logical but we have not tried it ourselves. Cillit Bang works fine though. We have tried it whilst our own van was being repeatedly attacked by rodents and it had an immediate effect. 

Also be sure to wipe off any superfluous oil or fluids which might have leaked over the edge of filling necks when topping up. A tidy engine bay makes for spotting engine leaks as they appear much easier.

Keep a visual on electrical terminals where they meet the bodywork of the car. These are known as ground or Earth points. There are several in a cars body. When the path back to the vehicle battery for the electricity is blocked, weird things can happen with the electronics. A simple wire brush and a clean before reattaching to the ground or Earth point to the bodywork can prevent a lot of electrical issues from arising.