About Us

About Our Company

M.V.R.S are a friendly mobile vehicle repair company based in Brighton in the south of England. We cover 50 miles inland in all available directions. So going as far as Portsmouth/Hayling Island to the west or to the east Bexhill on sea and London to the north.

Our roots have grown out from the prop shaft and driveshaft industry where the proprietors father used to operate. Then as our owner had gone into business himself, he’d angled his interests within the the automotive & diagnostics repair field where we excel today.

As business consistently changes with the decades passing, and as technology continues to develop and spread exponentially across the globe; we have too. Our list of services through our keen interest in the auto electrical field and programming has grown. We at M.V.R.S offer more than simply mechanics these days. Our list of services now includes auto electrics, diagnostics, key cutting & programming too.

Electric vehicles are the future. Only even though the technology is mostly green for the planet in the almost 0 emissions they produce, and as opposed to the toxic fumes internal combustion engines blast out; electric vehicles still have their faults. They still have their wheel bearings failing. Suspension failing. Wiring faults. Tyres needing changing etc etc.


We at M.V.R.S will be there to assist in both the internal combustion and the electronic vehicle technology. Watching and assisting as engines are replaced with the mostly green, electric variants. An exciting automotive future is to come and one which we cannot wait to see as it grows and metastasises, changing the world into a much greener and more healthier place.